Tiny 3 Ultravision


icecam gimbal tiny 3 ultravision nuovo

Innovative Controller with Oled

The programmable and ergonomic axial Joystick 3, allows a fluid managing of movements according to your needs. The Oled will indicate in a precise manner the profile used and the state of charge of the battery.

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Feather size

In just 25cm in height and 10cm in width, the Tiny 3 Ultravision technology is a leader in the video stabilization industry. Ultravision is the lightest and more powerful Gimbal in the world with only 840g.

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icecam gimbal tiny 3 ultravision manico ergonomico new

Ergonomic Handle

The soft-touch rubbery paint applied to the handle of the Tiny 3 Ultravision allows a soft and fresh feel like the softer skin. Opaque, deep and decisive, it gives the support a natural and unique touch. Furthermore, on the handle, … Continue Reading

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icecam gimbal tiny 3 ultravision base profilata

Profiled base

The profiled base of the Tiny 3 Ultravision gives you the possibility to insert your Gimbal easily inside the tripod quick release, thus giving you a unique usability.

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icecam gimbal tiny 3 ultravision sgancio rapido

Quick Release Included

The Quick Release Included in the Tiny 3 Ultravision allows you to mount your camera with easiness and speed, saving in terms of weight and size.

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icecam gimbal tiny 3 ultravision rec button

REC function

The REC button is available for most Panasonic and Sony, on request.

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Mechanical Balancing

The mechanical balance allows you to perfectly balance your Tiny 3 Ultravision on the three axes on which it, works as well as to identify the barycentre in four easy steps.

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Menu button & Fuction button

The PROGRAMMABLE MENÙ button allows you to recall the different methods of use, such as FOLLOW YAW, FOLLOW YAW/PITCH, SLIDER, EXTREME, FOLLOW PITCH. The FUNCTION button allows you to recall the different functions, such as: HOME POSITION, 360 ROLLING AUTO, … Read More

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tiny 3 ultravision batteria

Long battery life

The Icecam gimbal long-lasting batteries last more than 20 hours and allow you an excellent changeover thanks to the PISTOL GRIP. They are not like other batteries, as they allow you to work without suddenvoltage variations, with no pause, in … Continue Reading

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tiny 3 ultravision doppio manico

Double Handle

It is an essential device in order to use Tiny 3 Ultravision for prolonged times. Indeed, it ensures a redistribution of the weight on both arms, allowing you to work without any strain.

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Place the camera in 0.5 seconds

You can change position of the camera manually, holding it for a half-second in the chosen position, without using the joystick.

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icecam gimbal watch and touch your display

Watch and touch your display

The high power of the engine allows you to touch the camera and manage it with no problems.

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icecam gimbal scheda di controllo

Control board BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny

The control board 32 bit with Hyper Encoder allows you to work for long time without problems and in a safety way, with the possibility to make all the necessary regulations.

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icecam-gimbal-full range angle

Full range angle

There is no movement limit with Icecam gimbal, as it is possible to work on all agles without problems of cables.

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icecam-gimbal timelapse


With Icecam gimbal you can start the timelapse function, by programming movements and execution times.

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The best engine in the world

Icecam gimbal uses the best engines in the world, with a yield up to 10kg.

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Unbalance working

With Icecam gimbal you can also work with no perfect mechanical balance, in order to have the possibility to make a change of optic and camera.

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icecam gimbal uso

Ready to use

Rapid start in 1.98 seconds with recovery of the initial position, in order to allow you to work fast without stress.

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