Tiny 3 / Super 35


icecam-gimbal High payload

High payload

Ready to use with any kind of camera up to a maximum weight of 5 kg (Tiny Super 35), 2.5 kg (Tiny 3) without making any setting of parameters, thanks to the automatic functions of parameterization.

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icecam gimbal tiny super 35 1

In-sight display

The innovation of the Tiny 3 / Super 35 technology always allows you to see the display, by obtaining an ease-of-use never experienced before.

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icecam gimbal tiny super 35 manfrotto

Quick release Plate 577

The quick release plate is compatible with most video equipment and it allows you to use a great range of devices during your work.

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icecam gimbal base di appoggio tiny super 35

Threaded support base

The threaded support base in 3 points of 1/4 allows you to place your Gimbal on any surface in a stable way or fixing it on the tripod.

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icecam gimbal tiny super 35 controller

Innovative Controller

Multi-function controller programmable : 1 CLICK ON/OFF MOTOR; 2 CLICK FOLLOW YAW(Follow right and left); 3 CLICK FOLLOW YAW AND PITCH (Follow right left , up and down); 4 CLICK SLIDER EFFECT (don’t follow ); 5 CLICK TRIPOD MODE ( … Continue Reading

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icecam gimbal tiny super 35 3

Watch and touch your display

The high power of the engine allows you to touch the camera and manage it with no problems.

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icecam gimbal batteria

Long battery life

The Tiny 3 / Super 35 long-lasting batteries last more than 10 hours and allow you an excellent changeover thanks to the PISTOL GRIP. They are not like other batteries, as they allow you to work without suddenvoltage variations, with … Continue Reading

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How to use Tiny 3 / Super 35

Discover all function with one click only with the Icecam gimbal joystick.

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Place the camera in 0.5 seconds

You can change position of the camera manually, holding it for a half-second in the chosen position, without using the joystick.

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icecam gimbal scheda di controllo

Control board BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Tiny

The control board 32 bit with Hyper Encoder allows you to work for long time without problems and in a safety way, with the possibility to make all the necessary regulations.

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icecam-gimbal-full range angle

Full range angle

There is no movement limit with Icecam gimbal, as it is possible to work on all agles without problems of cables.

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icecam-gimbal timelapse


With Icecam gimbal you can start the timelapse function, by programming movements and execution times.

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icecam gimbal tiny 2 vision kit wifi

Kit wifi UART

The Wi-Fi UART Kit allows you to control remotely your Gimbal, thanks to the SimpleBGC32 app. The module creates a virtual bridge between the Wi-Fi network and the serial port.

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