The display that you have never seen before!

The innovation of the Vision technology always allows you to see the display,
by obtaining an ease-of-use never experienced before.

Next-generation of Gimbal

Vision, the only Made in Italy technology, is leader in Video Stabilisation.

Best Light Design

Ergonomic and compact design entirely made of Ultra-light aircraft Aluminum.

Award-Winning Technology

Vision technology has been awarded and certificated by the Basecam Electronics as Best design, Best Research and Development work, Best stabilization integrated parameters, Best assistance for use in the world.

Best Performance

T motor with a yield of 10KG torque 8000hz working Frequency, Full Range angle, Plate Standard 577, high resistance at the touch of the camera, battery life of more than 20h.

Ready to Use with all Type of camera

Ready to use with any kind of camera up to a maximum weight of 2.5 kg without making any setting of parameters, thanks to the automatic functions of parameterization.


Tiny 2 Vision

Designed for your needs

Vision has been designed in order to allow you to work in absolute autonomy and comfort.

Exclusive Design

Tiny is the only in the world with an in-sight display in order to work on all angles, with a compact structure ready to use.

Three, two, one…Go

Quick release 577, balance in 30 seconds, starting time of 1,98 seconds from the ignition with automatic recovery of the initial position, automatic stabilisation, placing without mini Tripod.

Unbalance Working

The high power of motors also allows to work without a precise mechanical balance in order to change optic and configuration during the work.

Unlimited Upgrades

Continuous firmware updates available with new functions and improvements thanks to apps on: Windows, Linux , OS , Android, i-OS.

Innovative Controller

The programmable and ergonomic axial Joystick 3, allows a fluid managing of movements according to your needs. The central PROGRAMMABLE button allows you to recall the different methods of use, such as RETURN TO HOME, FOLLOW YAW, FOLLOW YAW & PITCH, NO FOLLOW, TIME LAPS INSERT and FIXED CLICK, acoording to the number of click.

icecam gimbal controller

Quick Release Plate Standard 577

The rapid release plate Standard 577 allows you to mount your camera with easiness and speed on the stabilizer with a basic sliding of the plate, so that to save time in mounting again the Gimbal.

icecam gimbal manfrotto

Quick Hook

The quick anchoring of the Vision, together with the practicality provided by the plate standard 577, allows you an incoparable easiness of use, as well as an interchangeability of camera during your work.

icecam gimbal sgancio rapido

Mechanical Balancing

The mechanical balance allows you to perfectly balance your Gimbal on the three axes on which it, works as well as to identify the barycentre in four easy steps.

icecam gimbal bilanciamento meccanico

Double Handle

It is an essential device in order to use Gimbal for prolonged times. Indeed, it ensures a redistribution of the weight on both arms, allowing you to work without any strain.

icecam gimbal doppio manico

Graphic interface on App and Software

The graphic interface allows you to modify the performance of Vision according to your needs.

Mobile devices Supported

The app is available for IOS platforms.

Desktop Supported

The Software is developed for Windows, OS and Linux Operating Systems.

"Azienda italiana dall'alto valore umano e produttivo. Prodotti curati in ogni minimo dettaglio ed una grande assistenza sempre presente su tutto il territorio italiano e non. Innovativi, ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo e super disponibile."
icecam gimbal aldo ricci
Aldo RicciHead & Ceo Traipler
"Il Vision è il gimbal dei miei sogni... affidabile ed ergonomico..non potrei mai farne a meno."
icecam gimbal max de martinis
Max De MartinisSONY Expert EU
"Ottimo design, maneggevole con l’impugnatura laterale, reattivo sempre al punto giusto, ma il punto di forza in assoluto è il setting del gimbal in 0.5 secondi a motori sempre accesi."
icecam gimbal demetrio caracciolo
Demetrio CaraccioloPresidente ANV

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