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    Require H24 support for any kind of assistance

H24 Support

Icecam Gimbal provides a 24-hour support and assistance in order to be available always for your needs, any time you need it.

Custom Design

Icecam gimbal allows you to customize your gimbal according to your particolar job requirements, by studying the best design for you.

Remote Support

Icecam gimbal is structured in order to offer you remote assistance through the software Ammyy Admin, in order to give you a constant and effective support.


We have studied a list of answers to you most frequent questions.

Tiny 2 Vision 1.5Kg or 2.5Kg?

The choice of the version of Tiny 2 Vision to buy depends on the use to make and the equipement you have. The Tiny Vision 1.5Kg is recommended for whoever works with mirrorless cameras, in which the camera and lens do not exceed 1.5Kg of weight. The Tiny Vision 2.5Kg is recommended for whoever works with mirrorless and big cameras , in which the camera and lens do not exceed 2.5Kg of weight. The technology used for both versions is identical and the performance does not change.

Is it necessary to make the mechanical balance?

The mechanical balance is necessary in order to obtain an optimal function, by saving energy, in order to obtain a better battery performance. Anyway, it is possible to work without a perfect mechanical balance. This is a feature which allows you to change camera and lens quickly and during the shooting, thanks to the powerful engines of the Tiny 2 Vision.

What are the functions of the joystick?

The programmable and ergonomic axial Joystick 3, allows a fluid managing of movements according to your needs. The central PROGRAMMABLE button allows you to recall the different methods of use, such as RETURN TO HOME, FOLLOW YAW, FOLLOW YAW & PITCH, NO FOLLOW, TIME LAPS INSERT and FIXED CLICK, acoording to the number of click.

How to set in the best way the handpiece of the quick release?

One of the setting necessary for the Tiny 2 Vision before its use is the setting of the handpiece of the quick release, which could be under the camera. In this case, it is necessary to set the handpiece, by pulling it outward.

What position is it possible to place my Tiny 2 Vision?

Gimbal can be placed in any position, without no limit of movement and angle.

How long the battery life is?

Batteries reach their full charge within 1/3 of a hour.

Any difficulties with the mechanical balance?

In case of problems or difficulties with the mechanical balance of the Tiny 2 Vision, Icecam gimbal is ready to support you by video call or by remote support with Ammyy Admin.

Is assistance free?

If you buy the Tiny 2 Vision directly by this web site, or you decide to book it by a direct contact of Icecam gimbal, you will receive free support.

May I use my Tiny 2 Vision upside down?

Yes, it is also possible to use Gimbal in its non-natural position, both in off and on mode, as it has no movement limit, and you can rotate it on all axes at 360°.

How can I connect my Tiny 2 Vision to my pc?

It is possible to connect your Tiny 2 Vision to your pc, both in off and on mode.

How many days for the delivery?

If it is stock, the delivery of your Tiny 2 Vision will happen in 1/3 working days.

What is the Tiny 2 Vision warranty period?

For all those who buy the Tiny 2 Vision with invoice, warranty lasts 1 year. For all those who buy the Tiny 2 Vision with receipt, warranty lasts 2 years.

How long does the Tiny 2 Vision system battery last?

The autonomy of the battery is more than 18 hours, in optimal working conditions, with a perfect mechanical balance of Gimbal.